Launch of wristwatches of esteemed brand "COMPLEX" from September

Seiko Instruments Company Ltd. (abbreviated:SII, COO:Akio Irie, Head office:8, Nakase, 1-Chome, Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba. TEL:+81-43-211-1111) launches its first model (price range around 200,000 Yen) of wristwatches of the esteemed brand “COMPLEX” from September, 2002, which is centered around the key concept of ‘Marunouchi style.'(‘NEW style’ based on the concepts of originality, authenticity, sophistication of Marunouchi). “COMPLEX” has re-emerged from the re-development of Marunouchi, where the image of “contrast of old traditions and social values along with regard for the bright future”, as well as the ON/OFF life-style” etc is being replaced by the product images like “classic, modern, and simple.” It is a high-class brand representing “Marunouchi style” and a sense of harmony. Besides the concepts like”blend of novel design/technology and a reliable industrial technology”, the brand name “COMPLEX” also encompasses the concepts like “COMPLETE”(= perfected) and “EXTRA”(= exclusive). SII has been persistently proposing entirely novel styles of wristwatches by manufacturing them in the “Marunouchi style”, and by enduring the high-class watch “COMPLEX” with a sense of gratification. Moreover, in the sales area and the service area, IKSPIARI Company Ltd., manages the sales of “COMPLEX” in the 2nd specialized shop of wristwatches. Along with commencing the sales from September 6, 2002 at “Archimedes Spairal Marunouchi” opened in 3F of Marunouchi building in the commercial zone, it will also offer after-sale service to the clients with the cooperation of both the companies.

[Outline of Product]

(Specifications of the product)

  • Strong Waterproofing For Daily Use (10 atmospheric-pressure waterproof design)
    This waterproofing enables the use of the watch in water (e.g.; while bathing or while washing) as also for diving without the use of air cylinder (skin diving). (However, do not perform the “Reuse function” in case soap and shampoo collects on it while bathing).
  • Curved sapphire crystal
    It is a highly transparent glass with sufficient brightness and a surface hard to get curved and cracks on it as it is manufactured by using advanced processing technology.
  • Multiple string parts type band
    Different delicate parts are polished carefully one by one to obtain the finished status of the band with high texture to fit firmly with the silhouette of the arm, and can provide the feeling of being one single part.
  • Correction mechanism for calendar linked time difference
    It is possible to adjust time with the date and the scheduled time with the “Reuse” operation (one-step pull), without stopping the clock. (Day adjustment can be made by turning the hour hand by 24 hours resulting in a change of one day)
  • High Accuracy Quartz. Clock that adopts High Accuracy Quartz with a difference of less than }10 seconds, in a year.

(Design Concept)

  • Global Form
    The original silhouette made from molding, cutting a complicated curve into a metallic sphere giving a sense of completeness.
  • Contrast Design
    It is the original design based on an integrated concept expressing a contrast image with the finishing touch of parts.
  • Solid Style
    It is the original style which combines the cubic effect of the parts in an integrated image.

[Date of Launch]
Sale commencing from September 06, 2002 in Archimedes Spairal Marunouchi.

[Official Home Page]
Archimedes Spairal

[Summary of Archimedes Spairal, Marunouchi]
1. Name of Shop: Archimedes Spairal, Marunouchi
2. Managing Company: IKSPIARI Company Ltd.
3. Location: Tokyo 100-6340, Chiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 2-4-1 Marunouchi Building 3F
4. Telephone: Unknown
5.Type of Business: Sale and Repairs of Wrist Watches
6. Shop Concept
The shop concept is centered around the authentic mechanical clock from “the clock of today and of a season” as fashion parts and fashion goods. This wristwatch specialized shop selected even the “good old clock (antique watch)” inherited from the past and should be passed on to the next generation. The shop is offering a wide range of variety with only the high-class brands in stock. Moreover, it is new style shop that also has a repair room for maintaining high quality level, which can be described as the “ethics of the clock shop”. The shop targets the age group of 20-30 years who consider wristwatch to be a commodity of self-expression regardless of male or female. It also aims at the customer satisfaction by allowing them to pick up a watch suiting their own style.
7. Watches For Sale

  • Swatch 4,500 Yen-
  • Nike 3,800 Yen-
  • Gucci 69,000 Yen-
  • Zenith 270,000 Yen-
  • Rainer Brand 210,000 Yen-
  • Antique Rolex 148,000 Yen-

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