JEOL. Ltd. and Seiko Instruments Inc. agree to the overseas sales cooperation
of Focused Ion Beam/Scan Ion Microscopes

JEOL. Ltd (President: Yoshiyasu Harada, hereinafter referred to as JEOL), which is the largest manufacturer of the electron microscopes and Seiko Instruments Inc. (COO: Akio Irie, hereinafter referred to as SII) that has good reputation in the focused ion beam/scan ion microscopes, have agreed to cooperate regarding the overseas sales of SII made “SMI series”.

In order to cater to the demand for high accuracy and high-speed preparation of test samples that accompanies the increase in demand of the electron microscopes as the evaluation tool in the field of Nano-technology, JEOL has started marketing in the overseas of SII made, focused ion beam/scan ion microscopes “SMI-2050/2200/2300”. On the other hand, SII is considering the present overseas sales as an opportunity to assure a further increase in its share in the overseas market of focused ion beam/scan ion microscopes.

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