New models in the casual "appetime" watch series
- new styles fusing fashion and function through unique sensitivity-
will be revealed at the 2005 Basel Watch Fair.

On March 31, Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII), based in Chiba, Japan, will show a new series among its appetime watches at Basel World 2005.

Infused with quality, Japanese made- watches with simple but amusing designs.
In the “appetime” brand, characterized by its series developed in multiple colors, each having its own story, new models flow. Just wearing them makes you feel happy.
“appetime pips” conveys the essence of fresh fruit- kiwi, orange, litchi, dragon fruit and etc. With ripened appeal grown from glazy luminescence, motifs borrowed from seeds (pips), and three-dimensional faces, “delicious” watches are ready for picking.
Will be revealed at the 2005 Basel Watch Fair. Marketing from July.

Indication(Hour/Minute/Second/Date), Quartz,
Battery life approx.3years,Water resistant 5 Bar
Case/Back plate: Plastics, Bezel: Stainless Steel,
Glass: Mineral crystal, Strap: Urethane ,Luminescence, Made In Japan

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