SII NanoTechnology Releases "NonoNavi" Station, a Control Station for Scanning Probe Microscopes
- High-Resolution and High-Precision Measurements Enabled by SIS-mode and Closed Loop Scanner -

On August 1, SII NanoTechnology Inc., a subsidiary of Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII), will start shipment of “NanoNavi”Station, a new probe station that controls scanning probe microscope (SPM) systems.

SPM is a system that detects various physical quantities, such as interatomic forces, hardness, electricity and magnetic forces based on a resonated microscopic probe (a needle-like probe). It enables observation and mapping of the shape and physical property of a sample surface at nano-level. When it comes to observing shapes and physical properties at nanometer order or less, SPM is in the spotlight as an alternative to a scanning electron microscope (SEM), and used as an essential instrument for assessment and processing of thin-film or material, in the field of nanotechnology research.

SII NanoTechnology began its research and development of SPM in 1985. With more than 20 years of experience in SPM system research and development, SII NanoTechnology is a leading company that released Japan’s first scanning tunneling microscope (STM) in 1987, and a manufacturer of comprehensive scanning probe microscopes, with a various lineup that satisfies diverse measurement needs.

SPM consists of a system control station and measuring units for different purposes (see the reference). “NanoNavi” Station, made public this time, was developed based on the technology and knowledge SII NanoTechnology has acquired over these years. As a new probe station, it can control various units made by SII NanoTechnology.
Also, its compatibility allows upgrading existing stations, which opens doors to the latest functions such as closed-loop scanner (*1) and SIS mode (*2), while saving the implementation cost.

As a core of the system control, “NanoNavi” Station will be the center of SII NanoTechnology’s SPM product development, aiming at brand integration of the SPM products as the “NanoNavi series.”

[NanoNavi Station Main Features]
• Ease of use enabled by measurement navigation functions.
• Automatic multi-point measurement and analysis functions
• Unique scanning method (SIS-mode) that achieves the measurement of deep or narrow grooves of high aspect ratios, and less cantilever wear
• A closed-loop-scanner function that brought a significant precision improvement in the field of minute measurement and processing

8,500,000 yen

[Sale Start Date]
August 1, 2005

*1 Closed-loop-scanner:
The scanner that mount an infinitesimal displacement sensor to reduce the influence of hysteresis and creep. Strain-free image can be obtained without need for correction even immediately after changing scan area or rotation of scan direction.

*2 SIS (Sampling Intelligent Scan) mode:
The scan mode in which the probe approaches to the sample only while acquiring data. By combining this scan mode and carbon nano-probe, high aspect surface shape can be accurately measured. Excellent in probe wear durance.

[About SII NanoTechnology]
SII NanoTechnology, a subsidiary of Seiko Instruments, Inc., is a leading company in the development of advanced, cutting edge measurement and analysis instruments. Its headquarters are located in Chiba prefecture, Japan. It was the first Japanese company to produce SPM and Focused Ion Beam (FIB) Systems. The company’s products line-up also includes XRF Analyzer, XRF Coating Thickness Gauge, Thermal Analysis System, ICP-OES, ICP-MS and Mask Repair System. Many of these products are utilized to support leading edge research and development.
Additional information about the company is available on the internet at

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