SII NanoTechnology and Carl Zeiss announce Sales Alliance

Today, SII NanoTechnology Inc. and Carl Zeiss NTS GmbH, have jointly announced a sales alliance between them. Based on this alliance, SII NanoTechnology will immediately initiate the sales of Electron Microscopes (Scanning Electron Microscope: SEM, Transmission Electron Microscopes: TEM, and Ion Microscopes: XB) in Japan produced by Carl Zeiss NTS, which will include related products such as consumables and accessories. In addition, SII NanoTechnology will provide after-sales support for the above mentioned products in Japan.

SII NanoTechnology has been developing and producing equipment founded on sophisticated technology, including XRF, ICP and Thermal Analysis systems, since its predecessor, the scientific instrument division of Seiko Instruments Inc., was established in 1970. Also very active in developing leading-edge technology in nano-measurement, analysis and processing, for example, FIB systems and Scanning Probe Microscopes, the company is one of the leading manufacturers in their field in Japan.

Carl Zeiss NTS has developed the world’s first and one of the greatest Electron Microscopes utilizing their superior electron optics, based on technologies like the GEMINI® column and the OMEGA filter.The company has earned an excellent reputation for their cutting-edge technology, in the semiconductor industry, as well as from distinguished institutions and universities around the world.

SII NanoTechnology will complement their product line-up as they embark on the distribution of Electron Microscopes produced by Carl Zeiss NTS, which is sure to enhance their sales activities in such fields as electronic devices, environmental analysis and life sciences.

[Profile of SII NanoTechnology]
Company Name: SII NanoTechnology Inc.
President & CEO: Hiroyuki Funamoto
Head Office: RBM Tsukiji Bldg. 2-15-5 Shintomi, Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0041,Japan
Established: December 1, 2003 (Date of Demerger)
Paid-in Capita l: 100 million Yen
Business Description: Development, design, production and sale of
analysis/measurement instruments
Revenues: 16,479 million yen (Fiscal year 2004, Consolidated)
Employees: 360

[Profile of Carl Zeiss NTS]
Company Name: Carl Zeiss NTS GmbH
President & CEO: Dr. Dirk Stenkamp
Head Office: Carl-Zeiss-Str. 56, 73447 Oberkochen,Germany
Business Description: Engaging in the development, manufacture and sales of Electron Microscopes, for the semiconductor group (Carl Zeiss SMT AG) of Carl Zeiss AG.

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