Seiko Instruments Releases Selectable Mode Watchdog Timer with Reset function for Automotive Applications
- S-19400/19401 Series features pin-selectable window/timeout modes for enhanced design flexibility, and industry leading low current consumption -

Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) announced the release of the new S-19400/19401 series watchdog timer with reset function featuring selectable window or timeout modes; industry leading low current consumption of 3.8µA; and high temperature operation up to 125°C.

Modern automobiles incorporate from 50 to 100 microcontrollers including many that have to be continuously monitored for vehicle safety or performance reasons.
The new SII watchdog timers are optimized for use in automotive microcontroller monitoring and automotive ECUs that require precise fault detection. They monitor periodic signals from microcontrollers and signal any abnormal operation.

Pin-selectable for window or timeout modes

The S-19400 provides enhanced design flexibility since it can be pin selected to operate in either window or timeout modes. In “timeout mode” the timer signals a fault condition when the microcontroller inputs are too slow or ‘timeout’. In “window mode” the timer signals a fault condition when the microcontroller inputs are either too slow or too fast, improving overall reliability and safety. The S-19401 supports the window mode only, and has a reset output pin for detecting a low voltage.

The industry leading low current consumption

The S-19400/19401 series delivers industry leading low current consumption of only 3.8µA contributing to lower current consumption in microcontroller monitoring systems that require always-on operation.

Automotive quality

The S-19400/19401 series can be used in the demanding automotive environment due to its wide operating temperature range of -40 to +125°C as well as screening performed with a triple-temperature test (low, normal, high temperatures). AEC-Q100(Automotive Electronics Council reliability stress test) is currently in process.


The detection voltage is selectable from 2.0V to 5.0V in 0.1V steps which has accuracy of ±2.0% and hysteresis width of 5% typ. The input voltage range is 0.9V to 6.0V. The package is the lead-free and halogen-free TMSOP-8.

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