Launch of the official Magnum photo i-mode site and Website
Provides easy access to Magnum photographs to Magnum fans

Seiko Instruments Inc. (abbreviated:SII, COO:Akio Irie, Head office:8, Nakase, 1-Chome, Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba. TEL:+81-43-211-1111) opened up its i-mode official site and Website ( to the public under the agreement with Magnum Photos Tokyo (Director: Ito Kazuo). These two sites open for the first time in the world in order to help the Magnum fans enjoy Magnum photographs easily by distributing contents of selected pieces of the photographs owned by Magnum photos.The Magnum photographs had been mainly opened to either press or corporations. Apart from photograph exhibitions and photo collections, people did not have any opportunities of seeing them. However, by opening up of these sites, the Magnum photographs of full charm can be provided not just to the regular fans but also to a large number of the general public.The users can enjoy photographs rich in art even at home. And particularly through the Website, original goods such as the original prints of some photographers with their signatures, T-shirts and mugs, etc., are on sale. As for the site for cellular phones, the same services are expected to open in the future in EZweb (services expected to start in November) and in J-Sky (services expected to start in December).Henceforth, SII would develop site contents distribution business for Website or cellular phones sites, by utilizing the know-how developed in the site management of i-mode as well as EZweb and J-sky.

•How to access i-mode site. “iMenu” > “Menu List” > “Standby Screens” > “Photographs” > “Magnum Photos” *Only Japanese version is available.

[Description of i-mode site contents]

  • List of registered photographers: The list of registered member photographers of Magnum.
  • Information on photo exhibitions: The Schedule for photo exhibitions in Japan.
  • Magnum shop: Original good can be purchased. (Only some of the items from the on-line shops mentioned below are available.)

(Charged contents) * 315 Yen per month (including tax)

  • Today’s photographs: “Today’s Photo” selected by Magnum.
  • Photo gallery: One can enjoy various photographs of Magnum.
  • Photo library: Library that has vast quantity of stocks, which also provides search function.
  • Photo news: Impressive worldwide news photographs with descriptions.
  • News library: Library of news photos with search function.
  • Photo theatre: The works of Magnum can be enjoyed in the form of continuous photographs, by “i-appli”.
  • Photo mail: Mails with Magnum photographs can be sent.
  • Magnum shop: Original goods can be purchased.
  • Photo plaza: Full of topics that a photograph love cannot overlook and Magnum information.
  • My album: The user’s own favorite photographs can be saved in this album.

[Description of Website contents] (Scheduled to open in the beginning of October)
(On-line shop)
It is an EC site that sells original goods having Magnum contents. The following items are sold on-line.

  • Original prints: Works printed directly from the original with photographer’s signature. Limited in number.
  • Digital prints: Works output by a highly resolution digital printer.
  • Original T-shirts
  • Original mugs and cups
  • Photograph collection: Collections edited by Magnum that can be purchased on line now which had been available only at the photograph exhibitions.

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