The Western Japan Business Base of Seiko Instruments Inc. has obtained ISO 14001 Certificate.
(The environment preservation activities of the SII group are further accelerated)

Seiko Instruments Inc. (abbreviated:SII, COO: Akio Irie, Head office:8, Nakase, 1-Chome, Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba. TEL:+81-43-211-1111) has obtained the “ISO 14001” certificate on September 18 granted by “Japan Audit and Certification Organization for Environmental and Quality. (abbreviated: JACO, Head office: Akasaka, Minato-ku) for the activities of environmental preservation by its Western Japan Business Base. The ISO 14001 is the international standard of the environmental management of International Standardization Organization (ISO).

The Western Japan Business Base is the first multi-site in SII group to obtain this certificate, and is the 18th site in SII group including overseas sites to obtain this ISO 14001 certificate.The Western Japan Business Base has its Osaka branch (Toyonaka, Osaka) as the center, with multiple sites spreading over a large area including New Osaka office, the Nagoya branch, the Nagoya service, the Fukuoka office, the Hiroshima office, and the Toyama office, and is formed with its subsidiaries and associated companies of the SII group, including Seiko I Infotech Inc., Seiko EG&G Co.,Ltd., SII P&S Inc., SII Network Systems Inc. and Epolead Services Inc.

The “point-adding appraisal method” that has shown positive results in SII Makuharui head office, which has already acquired the”ISO14001″, was adopted for extraction and evaluation of the environmental aspect that is the base of environmental preservation activities in the Western Japan Business Base. This method evaluates with positive thinking the aspect of getting better results by doing more in addition to the conventional activities to reduce electricity, waste and paper the environmental aspect. By evaluating and promoting the measures that are useful for the environment within the organization, the environmental awareness would be raised and environment preservation activity would become more effective.

The SII group has moved ahead with a fast speed, such that the ratio of the eco-friendly products reach 50% in the 2004 fiscal year. The roles of the sales and service departments which are at the front area to provide products to the customers are very important, therefore the education on environment associated with sales and services will be enhanced, and the environmental preservation activities will be further strengthened in the whole SII group.

Approval Standards: ISO 14001: 1996 / JISQ 14001 : 1996
Approval Certificate NO: EC02J0146
Registered organization: Western Japan Business Base of Seiko Instruments Inc.Group
Registration scope: Sales and technical support & after-sale services of electronic product, analysis & measurement apparatus, information machines and equipment, software, electronic dictionaries and watches, etc. for the entire region of the registered organization
Date of registration:September 18, 2002

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