Stepping Up Production in China -Dalian Seiko Instruments Inc. Starts New Plant Operation

Seiko Instruments Inc.(Abbreviation: SII, COO: Akio Irie, Headquarters: 8,Nakase 1-chome, Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba, Tel:+81-43-211-1111)has added a new plant to “Dalian Seiko Instruments Inc.,” a wholly-owned manufacturing subsidiary of SII located in Dalian, Liaoning Province, China, and will begin full-scale operation in February 2003.
Dalian Seiko Instruments Inc. has manufactured watch parts since its establishment in 1989. The new plant has been added to move the manufacture of optical components, such as zirconia ferrules and connectors, precision turning parts and cutting tools that have been produced in Japan to date, and thus bolster cost competitiveness.

[Overview of New Plant]
Location: 3-9, Dongbei District, Dalian Economic & Technical Development Zone, Liaoning, China
Land area: About 45,000 m²
Construction total area: About 13,000 m² (steel-reinforced two-story building)
Production items: Optical components, precision turning parts, cutting tools
Maximum production capacity, etc.: Zirconia ferrules: 2 million/month (equipment capacity), Automatic lathes for precision turning parts production: 270 units, Equipment for cutting tool and gauge production: 35 units
Operation schedule: Optical components: February 2003, Precision turning parts: December 2002, Cutting tools: April 2003

Dalian Seiko Instruments Inc.
Name: Dalian Seiko Instruments Inc.
Onsite supervisor: Yasuo Yamada
Location: A4 Bldg., Wan Bao St., Dalian Economic & Technical Development Zone, Dalian, China
Capital: 1.34 billion yen
Business: Production of watch parts, precision turning parts, and optical components
Established: December 1989
Number of Employees: 699 (as of January 2003)

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