IXI Software Enables a New Category of Wireless Watches
Seiko Instruments Inc. to Introduce Designs for "a;ware;able", An Innovative Wireless Watch, at 3GSM

3GSM World Congress, Cannes, France February 19, 2003, IXI Mobile, Inc., inventor of the Personal Mobile Gateway (PMG) and provider of innovative wireless software solutions for sleek new wireless devices and services, and Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) today announced that SII is using IXI software to create a new variety of wireless watches and related services for the mobile market.

By using IXI software, SII will continue to innovate and will be the first in the market to offer watches never seen before. Sleek, attractive and highly functional, the new “a;ware;able” watch is Bluetooth-enabled and will work with all PMGs (for more information on PMGs: www.ixi.com/pmg).

For users, the a;ware;able watch will feature the capability to receive messages, caller identification (Caller ID) and incoming SMS alerts, to download ringtones and logos, and to check daily agendas. They will also have the ability to customize the watch by using the downloadable capabilities.

Wireless network operators and service providers can offer a new variety of downloadable content to consumers such as logos, wall paper and other services. The new content and capabilities are downloaded to the watch over the air using IXI-Manage software (www.ixi.com/Products/manage.html).

“We are proud to announce that SII is our partner,” says Amit Haller, president and CEO, IXI Mobile. “We are all looking forward to wearing sleek new watches and enjoying the benefits of the new capabilities.”

“We have been waiting for the right time to introduce a truly wearable Bluetooth-embedded watch. Our entry into the wireless market brings tremendous opportunities for us to create innovative and differentiated products” said Shigeru Yokono, Vice President of Strategic Business Development, Seiko Instruments Inc. “We are delighted to partner with IXI Mobile to introduce this new device and look forward to seeing further deployments of the PMG in the near future.”

About IXI Mobile, Inc.
IXI Mobile provides end-to-end software solutions that enable a new category of wireless personal mobile gateway (PMG) and Sleek devices. IXI software allows the introduction of a variety of sleek, affordable and function-optimized mobile devices that best match the needs and lifestyles of consumers. As a result, manufacturers and network operators can offer a new class of devices and services that can be developed in a fraction of the time and cost it takes to deliver today’s cellular phones or “all-in-one” devices. Founded in August 2000 IXI Mobile, Inc. is a privately held company with headquarters in Redwood City, California and a research and development center near Tel Aviv, Israel. Investors include China Development Industrial Bank, Draper Fisher Jurvetson ePlanet Ventures, Gemini Funds, Intel, Texas Instruments and TLcom. For more information, visit www.ixi.com.

About Seiko Instruments Inc.
Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) was founded in 1937, and is a leader in watch manufacturing and engineering. Proud of its tradition of precision manufacturing and technical innovation, SII has earned recognition the world over for its elegant and sophisticated timepieces, and has rapidly progressed into challenging new fields of Information Technology and nano-technology. From wearable devices to electronic components, SII boldly takes the lead in creating new products and technologies to serve mankind better – today and in the future.
For further information on Seiko Instruments Inc., visit its Web site at http://www.sii.co.jp/corp/eg

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