NVision 40: High-end multi-functional CrossBeam® workstation for Materials Analysis,
Semiconductor Manufacturing and Life Science Applications

Joint development of Carl Zeiss SMT and SIINT results in enabling workstation for nanoscopic imaging, structuring and analysis

July 31, 2006, Chicago (IL), USA. Carl Zeiss SMT’s Nano Technology Systems division (Carl Zeiss NTS) and SII NanoTechnology Inc. (SIINT) jointly introduce the NVision 40, the latest member of the industry proven CrossBeam® family of combined scanning electron and focused ion beam workstations. The NVision 40 is designed to meet even most ambitious demands in semiconductor, materials and life science applications. By combining the outstanding core technologies of GEMINI® electron beam technology, focused ion beam (FIB) and gas injection system (GIS) technology of both market leaders, NVision 40 offers unprecedented product capabilities for cutting-edge nanoscopic imaging, structuring and analysis.

Proven Subsystems
The NVision 40 technology is based on the unrivalled ZEISS ULTRA platform comprising unique GEMINI® e-beam column technology with two in-lens detector systems for ultra high resolution imaging. The two detectors can be operated simultaneously for the detection of secondary and backscattered electrons at highest detection efficiencies even at short working distances and ultra-low beam voltages. For sub-surface defect analysis and nanostructuring applications, the platform is equipped with SIINT’s unsurpassed zeta FIB column and a single-injector multi-channel gas injection system. The latter allows for a broad usage of precursor gases in all three states of aggregation. The zeta FIB column is capable to achieve a resolution of 4 nm, high beam current densities as well as superb low-voltage FIB performance.

Based on the unique combination of market leading electron and ion beam technologies, a particular feature supported by the NVision 40 comprises automated TEM lamella preparation. Due to the patent protected design of the GEMINI® e-beam column, simultaneous high resolution SEM imaging during FIB milling is performed, allowing for full control of the FIB milling process and end-point detection.

Dr. Dirk Stenkamp, Managing Director of Carl Zeiss NTS, states: “After the successful launch of the XVision 300 at Semicon West 2006, we are proud to announce today yet another joint product from our strategic alliance with SIINT. By combining our most accomplished core competencies, the NVision 40 emphasizes our technical leadership and accelerated power to innovate. This will enable our customers to meet and exceed current and future demands in nanotechnology fast and efficiently.”

Dr. Hiroyuki Funamoto, President & CEO of SIINT, adds : “With NVision 40 we are convinced to offer the ultimate solution to the market for a broad variety of demanding applications in semiconductor manufacturing and nanotechnology.”

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