New High-Speed Series of Wide-Format Printers Announced By Seiko I Infotech Inc.

Japan, October 7th, 2011 – Seiko I Infotech Inc. (SIIT), a wholly owned subsidiary of Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII), announced today that it will add the new “ColorPainter H2 series”, mild-solvent inkjet printers to its ColorPainter H high speed printer series.

The new “ColorPainter H2” series includes two sizes, the “H2-104s” for 104 inches and the “H2-74s” for 74 inches. Two color configurations are available for both size printers: a 4 color configuration for higher productivity and better economy, and an 8 color configuration for better image quality true gray-scale printing. The new ColorPainter H2 series has unmatched productivity as it prints images with consistent color density at a maximum printing speed of 100m2/h (1,075 sfph ,) and 50 m2/h (538 sfph) for 4 color and 8 color configuration respectively. Several new innovative printing functions are standard in the H2 series including “Smart Nozzle Mapping”, which offers the ability to remap a clogged nozzle instead of having to replace a print head. The new H2 series of printers offer extreme flexibility in the area of media selection, outstanding image quality, easy operation and unmatched reliability.

The “ColorPainter H2-104s” and the “ColorPainter H2-74s” will be sold through SIIT channel partners worldwide. The “ColorPainter H2” series will be debuted at the Viscom Germany show in Dusseldorf, Germany from October 13th to 15th, and followed by SGIA show in New Orleans, the USA from 19th to 21st. The “ColorPainter H2” series is scheduled to start shipping worldwide in the middle of October 2011.


1. Dynamic Dot Printing (DDP) Technology
DDP Technology offers the ability to jet 3 different drop sizes per print pass, which enables the printer to print at maximum printing speed without density loss while maintaining fine graininess even at low printing resolution.

2. Smart Pass Technology 3
The new generation of the Smart Pass Technology offers a more sophisticated non-interleaving print head control and banding reduction performance to improve print quality and capability of printing on wide range of media.

3. Smart Nozzle Mapping
A new feature allows the operator to re-map print head nozzles in the event of a clogged nozzle. This extremely useful feature can remap up to 10 print head nozzles per print head*1 without losing any printing speed, theoretically reducing print head replacements by up to 10x and minimizing the maintenance cost.

4. Gray and Light Gray inks
The 8 color configuration including gray and light gray inks is capable of expressing solid metallic texture, light shadows and real gradations which can not be achievable with composite colors.

5. CP Manager
CP Manager printer control software comes free with printer, which enables the operator to see printer’s status and to perform print adjustments from directly from a PC.

6. Established EG-Outdoor GX inks (GX inks)
The GX inks give excellent density and outdoor durability using our standard, high-pigment loaded inks with extremely low usage and running costs.

The target annual sales volume of the “ColorPainter H2” series is 1,000 units worldwide.

SIIT is committed to offering a comprehensive portfolio of professional graphic printers to its worldwide customer base.

About Seiko I Infotech Inc.
Seiko I Infotech Inc. (SIIT) is a leading company in wide-format printing technology, and is a subsidiary company of Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII), headquartered in Chiba, Japan. SIIT develops and manufactures precision-engineered wide-format printing systems specifically for the sign, graphics, CAD, and GIS markets that provide industry-leading productivity and image quality. SIIT and its worldwide network of authorized distributors and dealers, provides complete printing solutions including wide-format printers, inks, media, software, installation, support, knowledge and training.

*1 Maximum number of re-mapping nozzle per print head depends on clogging conditions

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