Seiko Instruments Launches High-Performance SPI Serial EEPROM for Automotive Use
Industry's Highest-Level Performance of 300,000 Data-Writes and 50-Year Data Retention at 125℃

Seiko Instruments (SII) announced on December 12 the availability of the S-25AxxxB series of SPI Serial EEPROMs, specifically designed for use in the highly demanding automotive market. The S-25AxxxB EEPROMs achieve both 300,000 data-writes and 50-year data retention at 125℃. Memory capacity is from 8k to 256k bits.

Today’s automobile designs increasingly require higher-performance EEPROMs in the on-board systems that control the car’s operation and fuel consumption, while ensuring the passenger’s comfort and safety. Along with the requirement for increased EEPROM capacity, automotive applications also require extremely high reliability and security. The SII S-25AxxxB series was developed to specifically answer the demanding needs of the automotive market.

While conventional EEPROMs typically have significantly degraded write performance at high temperatures, the S-25AxxxB series assures performance of up to 300, 000 writes at 125℃, along with retention of the EEPROM data for as long as 50 years.

Using SII’s proprietary know-how, the new EEPROMs are screened to eliminate electronic leakage bit-errors; feature a wide range of memory capacities from 8k to 256k bits; and utilize special low power and voltage fluctuation detection circuits to prevent errors caused by electrical noise or power variations. The S-25AxxxB series is available in SOP-8, TSSOP-8, and TMSOP-8 packages.

Typical automotive applications include engine, transmission, and EPS control systems; ABS, ESC (Electronic Stability Control), and airbags; key-less entry, air-conditioning, dashboard displays, and BCM (Body Control Module). SII forecasts sales of 5 million pieces annually.

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