SII Launches New High-Accuracy Hall Effect Sensor ICs for Automotive Use
- High Performance/High Accuracy Featuring Magnetic Operating Point Accuracy +/-1.5mT, Specifically Developed for Reliable Position/Rotation Detection in Demanding Automotive Applications -

Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) released the new S-57A1/K1 series of Hall Effect sensor ICs for automotive applications requiring high performance, reliability, accuracy and magnetic sensitivity.

Hall Effect sensor ICs detect magnetic field changes and output a high or low voltage level depending on the field strength and polarity. By combining the sensors with magnets, designers can create applications that operate based on detecting open/close conditions, relative position, rotation and direction.

The SII Hall Effect sensor series includes two basic types of sensor: Unipolar (S-57A1) — used to detect open/close conditions like doors, seat belts, CD/DVD players, and shift levers — and Bipolar (S-57K1) — used to detect/measure rotation and direction like EPS motors, power windows, and windshield wipers.

In addition to high performance and high accuracy, the S-57A1/K1 series features a wide operating voltage range (VDD = 3.5 to 26.0 V) and operating temperature range (-40C to 125C), with high-speed operation — tCYCLE = 16 microseconds (S-57A1) and 8 microseconds (S-57K1).

The sensor IC packaging is small SOT-23-3 (2.9×2.8×1.3mm) and lead (Pb)-free/halogen-free, making integration in an automotive environment extremely effective and environmentally friendly.

SII also provides a magnetic simulation consulting service to assist customers in system design including magnet selection and relative dimensions/locations.

In addition to automobile applications, the S-57A1/K1 series can also be used in a wide range of other applications including brushless DC motors, home appliances, housing equipment and industrial equipment.

SII has a well-established and recognized track record for providing reliable serial EEPROMs to automotive manufacturers. As a result, SII holds the No.1 market share in this category in Japan. SII Hall ICs have seen widespread adoption for use in smartphones, tablets and laptops, among other devices. SII has a proven track record of providing high-performance, high-reliability devices for demanding environments like automotive applications.

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