SII exhibits at Automotive World 2014 CAR-ELE JAPAN
- To introduce automotive analog semiconductor solutions featuring low consumption, high accuracy and high-quality -

 Seiko Instruments Inc. will exhibit at CAR-ELE JAPAN -6th Int’l Automotive Electronics Technology held inside AUTOMOTIVE WORLD 2014 from January 15 (Wed) to 17 (Fri) (Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan, Website:

 SII offers a wide range of automotive semiconductor product lineups with high reliability and high quality, such as Power Management ICs, Timer ICs, Hall ICs and EEPROMs, based on the concept of “SII Green Device supporting Automotive.”
 SII also shows demonstrations in which performances of the devices can be experienced, and mainly introduce analog semiconductor solutions to designers who develop automotive equipment.

 With the spread of the environment-conscious automobiles such as hybrid cars and electric vehicles, the rate of semiconductor use is increasing rapidly. Measures should be taken to use cars under severe environment, and high reliability is also required for semiconductor products. Moreover, the effort in reducing dark current and simplifying design is demanded to reduce battery consumption when not using cars. SII shows the semiconductor products corresponding to such various requirements.


【Exhibit Information about Seiko Instruments Inc.】
Title: Automotive World 2014 CAR-ELE JAPAN
Dates: January 15 (Wed) – 17 (Fri), 2014
Venue:West Hall, Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
Products:Power Management ICs, Timer ICs, Hall ICs and EEPROMs
Stand No.:West 1-72


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【Exhibited Products】

■125°C operation and Voltage Rating 45V Super Low Current Consumption Battery Voltage Monitor IC

– Suitable to monitor voltage drop of 12V Battery
– Voltage rating 45V enables direct battery connection without voltage divider.

■125°C operation, Super Low Current Consumption Watch Dog Timer Reset IC with Mode Switching function

– Watch Dog mode (Window mode / Timeout mode) selectable by switching pin.
– Window mode enables to acquire better fault coverage of MCU.

■Antenna Diagnostics IC for Car Navigation and Car Audio

– LDO Regulator, current sense AMP and protection circuit of Short-to-Battery/GND are integrated in composite 1 Chip.
– Diagnostic of Antenna connection is available by monitoring current sense pin.

■300nA Convenience Timer IC featuring High-accuracy Relative Time Detection indispensable for Gasoline Evaporative Emission Control and Very Low Dark Current Operation

– Alarm Timer IC which is user-adjustable of alarm time from a few milliseconds to 194 days.
– Enables relative time detection for the gasoline evaporative emission control in very low dark current operation.

■125 °C operation and Voltage Rating 28V UniPolar / BiPolar Latch Hall IC

– Tj=150°C, Bop=3mT / 6mT typ., with a built-in Reverse polarity protection circuit
– SII is one of few Japanese Automotive Hall IC providers.

■Automotive Communicator

– Possible to acquire the newest map information by connecting with an automotive adaptor navigation which corresponds to communication methods of W-CDMA and HSDPA

■MEMS Acceleration Switch

– Ultra-small switch
– Enables to detect acceleration input over a certain level despite of zero current consumption
– Applicable to a car security (impact detection), a drive recorder and so on



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